In schoolyards in the 1980s, when the discussion turned to base-stealing there were two names that always came up: Rickey Henderson, and Vince Coleman. The debates raged: Who was faster? Who would steal more bases in the next season? Could one of them possibly swipe 150? 200? Coleman burst on the scene in 1985 with the St. Louis Cardinals; an early season call-up to replaced an injured Tito Landrum gave him all the opportunity he needed, going on to win the NL Rookie of the Year with 110 stolen bases. Although a freak accident with a rogue tarp cost him an appearance in the 1985 World Series, he went on to swipe 549 bases in six seasons with the Cards. Coleman is now a minor league base-running instructor with the Chicago White Sox.

Career: 1985-90: St. Louis Cardinals

             1991-93: New York Mets

             1994-95: Kansas City Royals

             1995: Seattle Mariners

             1996: Cincinnati Reds

             1997: Detroit Tigers

Career Statistics: 1371 Games Played, .264/.324/..345, 28 HR 346 RBI, 12.2 WAR

One Pack. No Turning Back.



Road Trip Stop #8: Jacksonville, FL