Road Trip Stop #5: Dallas, TX

Randy's last name couldn't be more appropriate--as a super sub of the 1980s, Ready was always able to come off the bench and produce. Much like Rance Mulliniks, he was a guy you wanted on your roster for all the intangibles that many superstars could never master. The Harley-riding Bay Area product was also ahead of his time, playing Moneyball well before Michael Lewis had ever thought up the term--his career on base percentage was .359 despite having a career batting average of only .259. Following his Major League career, Ready played in Japan and later served as a hitting coach for the San Diego Padres.

Career: 1983-86: Milwaukee Brewers

             1986-89: San Diego Padres

             1989-91: Philadelphia Phillies

             1992: Oakland A's

             1993: Montreal Expos

             1994-95: Philadelphia Phillies

Career Statistics: 777 Games Played, .259/.359/.387, 40 HR 239 RBI, 10.9 WAR

One Pack. No Turning Back.