One Pack. No Turning Back.


The Magnificent Mazzo stole New York's heart in the late 1970s. Consider this passage from a 1980 article on Mazzilli in The Sporting News: "The pants are stretched tight. The stirrups are pulled high. The shoulders are wide. The arms are thick. The face is tanned and handsome." Is the writer talking about a stripper or a ballplayer? Everywhere he went, the phrase "matinee idol looks" went with him, and the spotlight shone especially bright in the Big Apple. But Mazzilli could swing the stick too (sorry, couldn't help myself), appearing in the 1979 All-Star Game and finishing with an impressive .303/.395/.449 line. He extended his career considerably as a utility player, playing wise sage on the rambunctious 1986 Mets and ending his career with the A.L. East-winning Toronto Blue Jays in 1989.

Career: 1976-81: New York Mets

             1982: New York Yankees

             1982: Texas Rangers

             1983-86: Pittsburgh Pirates

             1986-89: New York Mets

             1989: Toronto Blue Jays

Career Statistics: 1475 Games Played, .259/.359/..385, 93 HR 460 RBI, 15.6 WAR 


Road Trip Stop #9: Rye, NY