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Road Trip Stop #7: Naples, FL

By his own admission, Carman was one of the worst-hitting pitchers of all time. The lefty from Leedey, Oklahoma (pop: 435) was a career .057 hitter in 239 plate appearances, a mark he summed up by saying: "I don't get paid to hit." He was one of the great wits in baseball, famously posting a list of  canned responses in his locker ("We're going to take the season one game at a time;" "I'm just glad to be here. I just want to help the club in any way that I can") to save the media the trouble of asking the same questions (and getting the same answers). A mainstay on the reliably abysmal Phillies teams of the late 1980s, Carman finished up his major league career with a cameo for the Texas Rangers in 1992. Following retirement, he got a degree in sports psychology from Florida Gulf Coast University and is now a psychologist for superagent Scott Boras' posse.

Career: 1983-90: Philadelphia Phillies

             1991: Cincinnati Reds

             1992: Texas Rangers

Career Statistics: 342 Games Pitched, 102 Games Started, 53-54, 4.11 ERA, 7.6 WAR