2 Cards Down, 12 To Go

Day 5: Los Angeles, CA, 6.23.15


One Pack. No Turning Back.

Number of miles driven today: 57

Total miles driven on road trip: 640

Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts? Starbucks still pitching a perfect game

Cheapest gas I saw today: $3.37

Number of designer sunglasses spotted at Hotel Erwin's rooftop bar in Venice: 72

Cost of my gas station aviator sunglasses: $5

​Round Two today with Steve Yeager, who met me back at his Jersey Mike's sub shop to further discuss his life and times. He had traded yesterday's green Hawaiian shirt for one in a darker shade, and we took a booth towards the back of the restaurant. A small army of college-age employees in navy blue Jersey Mike's hats and aprons twittered around us, slinging chicken cheese-steak subs. As they'd walk by, Yeager would offer a hello and a quick check-in to make sure they were doing OK. The brash night owl had given way to a mellower, more avuncular Steve Yeager. He's still got traces of the bluster and toughness, but he conforms more to the sweet grandpa archetype these days, and in fact, he is a grandfather, through his eldest son Steve Jr. (from Senior's marriage). 

During the course of our two-hour conversation, he gradually eased into the corner of the booth, his demeanor light and confident. His youngest son, Evan, a rising sophomore at Pierce College in LA, came in wearing a baseball cap and athletic shorts and proudly discussed what a positive influence his dad has been. Following in the family footsteps, he is a catcher, and while we ate the father grilled the son on the types of pitches he should call depending on the hitter, count, and base-runner situation. 

He had to deliver some food to his wife at home and then planned to watch the Dodgers vs. Cubs game on TV. As part of his job as catching coach, he watches all of the away games to keep up with his charges. We parted ways, and I headed for the other end of town (Venice Beach) to enjoy the sunset and a cocktail called The Green Coconut.

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