Number of miles driven today: 175

Total miles drive on road trip: 478

Number of speeding tickets: 0

Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts? All Starbucks, no sign of a DD yet

Number of times I sang along to Lady Gaga's Pokerface on the radio: 1

Percentage of the time I was grateful no one was there to hear: 100

Funniest sign I saw on the road: Welcome to Pixley, home of the Pixley National Wildlife Refuge. Industry Welcome.

Cheapest gas I saw today: $3.19

The City of Angels.

Only here, a city once described by comic Patton Oswalt as a "demon cock," would you find these three stores next to each other: Just Food for Dogs (a gourmet made-to-order gourmet dog food restaurant), Monica the Psychic Advisor, and VM Custom Upholstery.

My 2002 Honda Accord, which is the vehicular equivalent of Jamie Moyer, passed its first true test of strength today, overcoming the Grapevine in Route 5, a stretch of sheer altitude climb up the Tehachapi Mountains so daunting that signs tell you to turn your air conditioner off so your car doesn't die. So instead, you die while enduring the sweltering 100 degree-heat that now comes rushing into the car. 

The Grapevine dumped me into the Angeles National Forest and finally the San Fernando Valley, that mecca of porn and palm trees where Tom Petty was once Free Fallin' (It's a long day, livin' in Reseda; there's a freeway, runnin' through the yard). I am here to stake out my spot to seek out card #2 in the pack, Steve Yeager. I have the delight of staying with two of my favorite people in the world, Ali Fearon and Adam Brouillard, who recently moved here from the Bay Area for Ali's new nursing job. Tomorrow, it's Yeager Time.

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Day 3: Visalia, CA to Los Angeles, CA, 6.21.15