One Pack. No Turning Back.

Number of miles driven today: 136

Total miles driven on road trip: 5,155

Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts? Dunkin' Donuts.

Starbucks' record (# of days Starbucks was more common): 19-3-1

Dunkin' Donuts' record: 3-19-1

Cheapest gas I saw today: $ 2.71

Number of states visited overall: 11

Number of red states visited overall (as of 2012 presidential election): 8 (Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia)

Number of blue states visited overall: 3 (California, New Mexico, Florida)

Today I left behind the palm trees and Gulf breeze of Naples, Florida for a quick trip to my home state of Rhode Island to compete in our family fishing derby. Since this doesn't really relate to the trip, I'll be back tomorrow with an update.

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Day 23: Naples, FL, 7.11.15