Brad Balukjian is a freelance writer, a biology professor, and a doctor who can’t write prescriptions (he earned a Ph.D. in entomology from UC Berkeley in 2013). This book will be his first time playing narrator.

Instead of using his Ph.D. to go into a career in scientific research, he's decided to time travel back to the 1980s, when he spent hours making lists of his baseball cards. He has always been drawn to the underdog, and so counted the perenially-awful Philadelphia Phillies as his favorite team and middle relievers and backup catchers as his favorite players. Other than stale baseball, his favorite topics to write about are natural history and anything related to professional wrestling. He once quit a well-paying job to try to write the biography of the Iron Sheik, and discovered 20 species of insects that live exclusively on Tahiti, which he still has to name (yes, I will name one after you for a large sum of cash and a lifetime subscription to the WWE Network).  He lives in Oakland, CA, surrounded by boxes of 1980s Topps commons cards. His favorite drinks usually come with umbrellas and plastic flamingoes. For more on him, see

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