The journey of bringing Wax Pack to fruition continues. I'm working on a major rewrite after conducting some additional interviews, and realize how much good material is going to have to end up on the cutting-room floor. Because of that, I've decided to revive my blog with a new section called "Deleted Scenes," where I'll include some anecdotes and stories from my 2015 road trip that may not end up in the final book. I was inspired by Jeff Pearlman's blog, in which he describes the process of writing his forthcoming book on the USFL (which I can't wait to read, by the way) to give his readers a behind-the-scenes look at how a book is made. 

So starting now, check in here for updates, and read the first edition of Deleted Scenes here.


By Brad Balukjian,​7.14.17

Cups of Coffee Consumed on Road Trip: 123

The Wax Packers:

Wax Pack is the story of a single pack of 1986 Topps baseball cards and the attempt to track down each of the players inside nearly 30 years after they were bundled together with a stick of chalky bubblegum. (Yes, I chewed the gum. Gross.)

A going-of-age tale of what it means to truly grow up (or just my way of desperately clinging to childhood memories of mullets and mustaches), I chronicle the elliptical 11,341-mile-when-it-should-only-be-7,000 road trip adventure to find my heroes of the past and to tell the story of what happens to our most elite athletes after the spotlight has faded. It's a story of second (and third) chances, of our national pastime, and of running it back one last time.

Wax Pack is due out on shelves in 2019. Click on the images of the cards below to read more about each player.

One Pack. No Turning Back.